Universal laws of nature operate on a principle of duality of matter and energy. Every action causes a reaction, every value has its corresponding opposite. My practice focuses on this ever-present polarity in life. It investigates and questions the physical structures of our reality and reflects on our perception of time. It also decodes social behavior that influences our psyche in response to social pressures both real and perceived.

My practice encompasses themes from opposite realms, the natural and the man-made. The first one is grounded in nature in its pristine form, devoid of human intervention, a macrocosm of being. The other is based on architecture, line, symmetry and pattern, an infinitesimal human effort.

My practice investigates and questions perception of time, ways of creating and storing memories in juxtaposition with the natural processes and timescales. Memories and their life cycles are being scrutinized and demystified. Natural phenomena perpetuating continuous motion, transformation and change render many actions we undertake irrelevant. Yet, one cannot resist the need to maintain stores of individual memories.

Experimenting with confounding objects like rocks and wood allows me to focus on the inescapable laws of nature. Materials undergo change and decay giving way to subsequent iterations of the same material. This natural recycling resonates in my current body of work where objects and materials are being transformed. Assigning alternative meanings to those objects encourages examination of the very nature of the cosmos and our existence.

My work aims to encourage imaginative explorations of what’s real and what’s not and especially what’s relevant.